☽Episode 19: We is Me #004 -Marija Blanc☾

We is Me /wē//iz//mē/ : The idea that we are all one and that all our realities coincide, yet are still but parts of The All. By interviewing those who are like ourselves, we see through their perspective and broaden our vision of The All, in turn deepening our vision of ourselves. The journey without is a journey within, and a journey with we is a journey with me.

Marija is a first generation American with an interesting story. She was born in Michigan, yet she still lived a very old-world lifestyle with her Macedonian parents. We have so many interesting conversations in this episode with topics ranging from Marija’s father being a pigeon hoarder, being an artist, outer space and so much more. Make sure to check back next week when we talk about the most terrifying experience Marija has ever had in great depth in episode 20.

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