☽Episode 14: We is Me #003 – Gimmy Cipriano☾

We is Me /wē//iz//mē/ : The idea that we are all one and that all our realities coincide, yet are still but parts of The All. By interviewing those who are like ourselves, we see through their perspective and broaden our vision of The All, in turn deepening our vision of ourselves. The journey without is a journey within, and a journey with we is a journey with me.

Gimmy Cipriano is an all around hilarious dude with an awakened perspective on the world. You may find his last name familiar, as he is the older brother of Andrew Cipriano and a friend of Sara’s since high school. Gimmy is a stand up comedian who has also been interested in the weird and creepy since he was a kid. From ghost stories to reincarnation, Gimmy finds it all intriguing, but still finds himself with a perspective that can be skeptical and at times, overly logical. We discuss what all that might mean for Gimmy and his life, and so much more! Listen up and be ready to laugh, this is a super fun conversation between the three of us.

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