About Us

The Podcast

Awake: Not Woke Podcast was created as a vessel for Truth. We wish to cultivate, collect, and share divine Truths and share them with the collective in order to facilitate a massive shift in consciousness on our planet. We are going through a sort of “changing of the seasons” on a universal scale. We have the power of choice between mass destruction or mass construction. If we do not cultivate the Truth and our will to remain sovereign, free thinking individuals we may not be choosing wisely. So our goal with Awake: Not Woke is to fight against the hypocritical woke culture of our current world, and awaken the true divinity within.


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The Hosts

Sara & Chas, the two hosts of Awake: Not Woke, are best friends on a mission to awaken the collective during this historical energetic shift in consciousness. Everyone is a warrior in this spiritual battle and we have decided to take that role to the next level. With this podcast, 

we hope to bring higher perspectives to all that seek it, including ourselves. If you are reading this right now, you are seeking it too. Whether you have just begun this journey or you have been on it for a while, we hope to see you on the path with us. But it is up to you to begin the journey…are you coming?