☽Episode 6: We is Me #001 – Andrew Cipriano☾

We is Me /wē//iz//mē/ : The idea that we are all one and that all our realities coincide, yet are still but parts of The All. By interviewing those who are like ourselves, we see through their perspective and broaden our vision of The All, in turn deepening our vision of ourselves. The journey without is a journey within, and a journey with we is a journey with me.

Andrew Cipriano is a good friend of Sara’s from back in high school. Although their friendship was not originally very spiritual in nature, they soon found themselves having deep conversations that lasted hours every time they hung out. These days Andrew is making strides in his life by exploring the world of psychology and spirituality, working at a psch ward, going against the norms as a gay conservative and so many other things that we will touch on in this episode.

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