☽Episode 3: The Mystical Qabalah Part 2☾

 Click here for a picture of the Tree of Life to use as a reference while listening to this episode.

In this episode Sara & Chas will be talking about the Tree of Life and the Qabalah, mainly from the perspective of the occultist Dion Fortune and her book The Mystical Qabalah. Qabalah (Spelled numerous ways; quite often spelled “Kabbalah” and “Cabala”) is based in ancient mystical Judaism, however the spelling with a “Q” is most often associated with western occultism and mystery schools. We are going to explain to you why this was such a pivotal subject in our lives and why we think it is useful for every Truly Awakened being to understand. This information will be referenced frequently in episodes to come, so we wanted to develop an understanding of the Tree of Life and each of its 10 spheres from the beginning. The symbolism and revelations that can be pulled from this figure is truly astonishing, and we are so excited you are joining us on this journey!

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