☽Episode 33: The Mandela Effect☾

So you think you know what dimension you’re from, huh? Do you remember Darth Vader saying “Luke, I am your father,” ? Or what about the movie Snow White and the famous line, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…” ? If you are sure you remember those things (and more!) you may or may not be from an alternate dimension. In this episode we discuss The Mandela Effect, a phenomenon where a large amount of people recall something that does not exist in the way they recall it. The theories for this phenomenon can range from mundane to mind bending, and the examples are seemingly never ending.

If you are trying to find the tiktok that Sara mentions in this episode about the apple & the fourth dimension tap here!

The video of boy genius Max Loughan describing the CERN theory can be found if you tap here!

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