☽Episode 27: We Is Me #6 – Waylon BeWell☾

We is Me /wē//iz//mē/ : The idea that we are all one and that all our realities coincide, yet are still but parts of The All. By interviewing those who are like ourselves, we see through their perspective and broaden our vision of The All, in turn deepening our vision of ourselves. The journey without is a journey within, and a journey with we is a journey with me.

In this We Is Me episode we are talking to Waylon BeWell, the husband of Kait from episode 25. Long time friend of Chas, Waylon is an incredibly kind, funny, and amazing human with an interesting life and story. We make our way from Waylon’s childhood to present day, with numerous intriguing tangents along the way. From NPC’s & video games, to the bible and Jesus’s story and purpose, this episode covers a wide variety of topics while we learn about Waylon’s own personal hero’s journey.

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