☽Episode 12: We is Me #002 – Donna☾

We is Me /wē//iz//mē/ : The idea that we are all one and that all our realities coincide, yet are still but parts of The All. By interviewing those who are like ourselves, we see through their perspective and broaden our vision of The All, in turn deepening our vision of ourselves. The journey without is a journey within, and a journey with we is a journey with me.

From heart centers to galactic space battles, we talk about everything with the lovely Donna, Sara’s friend and coworker. We Is Me is all about learning from the perspectives of those who are on their own path in this realm, and Donna has had quite the path! We start from the beginning and work our way through Donna’s life and experiences into the present day. From the her time with EST, living in California, kundalini rising experiences, Ron Amitron and his teachings about the creation lightship, the galactic federation and so much more! This is a must listen if you are interested in alien visitation stories especially, Donna has several!

⛦Donna says:⛦

Checkout: creationlightship.com

And remember to stay in your heart!

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